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Stu Herring's artistic practice, known as Industrial Spiritualism, explores the idea of seeking enlightenment or freedom within non-spiritual societies. He engages in self-made ritualistic tasks, ceremonies, and meditations inspired by spiritual practitioners, and also incorporates manual labour into his works as a form of meditation.

Herring draws on his North East England heritage, a region known for its industrial ingenuity, but now facing the decline of service industry capitalism and a sense of monotony. He seeks to create an industrial occultism that merges zen and existential practices, reflecting on the grim reality of our world and the potential consequences of our collective decision making that may lead to mass extinction. Through his art, Herring presents a means to confront these challenges and potentially find glory in sacrifice.



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RNS: Season Opening Pre-Concert Conversation: Music & Spirituality

Durham University musicologist Dr Katherine Hambridge invited Stu herring to speak on a panel discussing the relationships between music and spirituality, and the specificity and power of music (or otherwise!) as a medium of reflection, devotion, and ritual. stu will be Joining Revd Dr Helen Savage and Jaswinder Singh.

Divine Nothingness - opening Good Friday

Stu Herring is pleased to announce the opening of his Latest solo show at Abject Gallery.

Spiritual Horn at Newcastle Cathedral for The Late Shows.

Stu Herring is pleased to announce his latest performance Spiritual Horn, late shows at Newcastle cathedral on the 20th May 2017.
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